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Contents • • • • • • Corporate history [ ] Broderbund was founded by brothers and Gary Carlston in 1980 for the purpose of marketing, a video game that Doug Carlston had created in 1979.

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Chose from over 900 label templates The Print Shop is the leader in consumer desktop publishing.. Galactic Empire had many names taken from African languages; a group of merchants was named Broederbond, for 'association of brothers'.. That year it took over the assets of the well-regarded but financially troubled Although intending to keep it running as a business, they were unable to make money from Synapse's products, and closed it down after a year.. By early 1984 InfoWorld estimated that Broderbund was tied with as the world's tenth-largest microcomputer-software company and largest entertainment-software company, with $13 million in 1983 sales.. Buy now to start designing today Business Card Printing Software and Home Design Software.

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To emphasize its family origin while avoiding a connection with the, the Carlstons altered the spelling when naming their company 'Broderbund'.. Their sister, Cathy, joined the company a year later This label software allows you to design professional quality cd labels, address labels, envelopes and more.. Broderbund's software produced signs and greeting cards Broderbund started discussions with Unison World about creating a version that would run on DOS. Wechat Mac App Download

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The two companies could not agree on a contract, but Unison World developed a DOS product with similar function and a similar.. Before founding the company, Doug was a lawyer and Gary had held a number of jobs, including teaching Swedish at an American college.

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